AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Established Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Expertise since 2013

The Clinisys Clinical Intelligence Engine™ (CIE) is a proprietary data analytics engine that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML) and clinical expertise. The application of AI/ML brings data to critical decision makers resulting in:
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Clinical insights that improve treatment and prevention protocols
  • Optimization of valuable health resources
AI/ML Collaborations: Southlake Regional Health Center (Ontario), a 426 bed university-affiliated teaching and research facility, specifically offering advanced cardiac, cancer and thoracic care. On an annual basis the Southlake Regional Health Center services: Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (Alberta) is a 244 bed hospital dedicated exclusively to the delivery of rehabilitation treatments. It is also a university-affiliated teaching and research facility. The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital provides services to:
  • Over 1,772 in-patient admissions
  • 76,000 out-patient visits
  • 242,062 out-patient visits
  • The CIE™ Paediatric Scoliosis Module was developed and piloted in collaboration with Scoliosis experts at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital to improve workflows and analyse patient records with the aim of improving outcomes and refining treatment protocols
We are also proud to have collaborated with physicians, researchers and administrators at COVENANT HEALTH, CROSS CANCER INSTITUTE, UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITAL, AND MANITOBA E-HEALTH on a variety of projects.

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