At Clinisys, we want to make sure that your use of our products is as satisfactory and trouble-free as possible. That is why we have set up a comprehensive support system to train users, answer questions, trouble-shoot any issues, and provide constant support to our clients. This system is comprised of training videos, help documents, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, and a support line. These videos, documents, and pages will constantly be updated as we continuously better our products for our users.

For technical support, please contact us at 1.855.440.1172 or email our support team at To access the training videos and help documents, registered clients with Clinisys must sign in using their ID and password. Our FAQ page is currently being created based on feedback from users.

For sales and demo, please contact 1.855.440.1172 or email us at or For press and investors relations, please email us at