The foundational concept of Clinisys is rooted in extensive pure and applied research of the health analytics domain. After conducting extensive studies on components such as health patterns, analytics, future trends, diagnostics, interoperability, automation, HL7 protocols, practice management, physician needs, patient needs and other numerous factors, Clinisys scientists, researchers, physicians and stakeholders were able to develop innovative simulation models that formed Clinisys. Clinisys team applied years of industry experience into what we today call the next generation EMR system. At the core of it is a very sophisticated yet simple to use Clinical Intelligence engine.

R&D is a continuous process at Clinisys and we will be further developing Clinisys’ intelligence capability through collaborative efforts with our research partners. We are collaborating with partners from Canada, India, France and the US’s premium medical and academic research facilities to expand current research. To get more information on our research initiatives, please contact

For students in health analytics looking for research position please send an email to