A comprehensive EMR software solution 


Making Electronic Medical Record Management Easy

Our Vision

The burden of medical record management and billing is reduced.

Our Mission

To simplify the management of your healthcare practice.




EMR Access from Anywhere at Any Time.

Enabled by the Cloud

Our customizable EMR solution makes your life easier:

  • an elegant cloud-based electronic medical record system that is easy to set-up and use.
  • fully integrated video conferencing capability using Microsoft Teams.
  • integrated electronic billing
  • seamless connectivity with third party data streams including lab reports and digital imaging
  • self service patient portal
  • in-house data migration services to help make the transition smooth


Clinisys EMR Inc is a certified e-Health vendor in the province of Manitoba


Clinisys EMR Software

A comprehensive solution for:

  • Family practices
  • Specialty clinics
  • Multidisciplinary clinics
  • Walk-in Clinics

Clinisys EMR software is designed to give healthcare clinics the tools needed to effectively manage scheduling, patient records, lab results, and billing.  Video Conferencing capabilities are fully integrated.   User interfaces are customizable and friendly.  Security is built-in.

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Clinisys EMR Inc. harnesses the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud to build, manage and deploy our cutting edge EMR system.

Secure remote file access is offered 24/7 on handheld devices via common web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.


Clinisys EMR Inc is a certified e-Health vendor in the province of Manitoba


EMR Features

Clinisys EMR software is designed to minimize screens making it simple to use. Functions can be accessed using only a few menu selections.

Administrative controls can limit individual users to only the screens they need for their tasks, increasing efficiency, and reducing user frustration.

The Microsoft Teams video conferencing solution is fully integrated into the Clinisys EMR system allowing easy and secure virtual consultations from any location with internet access. 

Allowing clinics to offer both in-person or virtual consultations, initiated by the clinical practitioner on a scheduled basis, without compromising security or privacy. 

Virtual consultations are booked and managed like any other appointment.

Practitioners have seamless access to patient files, lab results, and billing functions during the virtual consultation.  Consultations can be recorded.

Microsoft Teams is built on enterprise grade, hyperscale security standards.  All data is encrypted while in transit and at rest.

Clinisys EMR Inc is a certified e-Health vendor in the province of Manitoba

Tabs and buttons can be moved to make a personalized user experience. Built in language translation capacity facilitates international deployment.

Billing processes can be modified according to jurisdictional and practice requirements

The Clinisys EMR has a fully integrated Patient Portal that allows patients secure online appointment scheduling, appointment cancellation, non-urgent messaging with clinicians, and other functionalities such as retrieval of prescriptions lab requisitions, sick notes and other documents that physicians and care practitioners may want to post to the portal.

Patients can manage their care and provide details about the reasons for an upcoming visit privately and securely, whenever it is convenient for them.

Self service patient portals reduce appointment no-shows, save hours per staff per day, and report patient engagement.

Designed from the ground up as a cloud-based system to be scaled across multiple users.  Clinisys EMR harnesses the power of the Microsoft Cloud Platform to provide seamless inter-clinic connectivity and data exchange- across town, across the country, or around the world – twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


The Clinisys EMR system is built to the most current and secure industry standards.  This includes multi-level authentication, strong encryption support and advanced cryptographic standards.  All communications and interactions are encrypted and secured.

Authenticated users can only access those parts of the system or data they are permitted to view or edit.

Robust tracing mechanisms allow administrator access to system user logs for forensic tracking purposes.

The Clinisys EMR solution is built to international HL7 healthcare standards ensuring superior system to system compatibility, easy communications, and seamless data aggregation. Clinisys EMR software interfaces with a variety of common data streams generated during the delivery of health care. These include text, images, laboratory results, prescriptions, billing, Video conferencing and scheduling.

Clinisys EMR offers CliniBill, a fully integrated, easy to use electronic claims submission module.    CliniBill is designed to ensure healthcare practitioners and administrators can easily manage the financial aspect of their medical practice wherever it is located. Features include Built in logic to validate the claims for rejection errors before submission, e-claim tracking, and billing report generation.

This module can also be deployed as a stand alone solution should there be a need.

Clinisys can assist you in migrating your patient data from your old electronic medical record system to your new.

Data migration involves 4 basic steps:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Data extraction
  • Data transformation
  • Data loading

Clinisys provides expert services at each step to ensure the migration requires almost no downtime.