About Clinisys EMR Inc.

Clinisys EMR, Inc. is an Edmonton based software and analytics company offering a variety of secure, scalable and user-friendly e-Healthcare solutions and data services to the healthcare industry. The company is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals from various disciplines including healthcare, IT, and business, united with one goal: to develop the next generation of Clinical Intelligence. Clinisys EMR Inc. is proud to be a certified Microsoft Partner and a certified e-Health vendor in the province of Manitoba.

The Clinisys EMR suite of solutions include: Clinisys EMR, Allied Health EMR, e-Billing, and Patient Portal, These solutions have proven functionality in real clinical settings in Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta.

Clinisys EMR Solutions have been designed as a cloud-based products that can be scaled across multiple users, at multiple geographic locations, and within a variety of environments including single or multi-physician clinics, specialisation clinics, care homes and hospitals. Our products and services cater to both physicians and patients and ultimately improve healthcare management practices.

Clinisys EMR solutions were built with the end user in mind; designed from the ground up to meet the needs of physicians and clinical practitioners. The interface is clean, customizable and friendly. Existing solutions such as video conferencing or natural language processing can be integrated into the Clinisys EMR system to enhance its functionality.

Clinisys EMR Inc. solutions are based on international HL7 healthcare standards. The EMR software interfaces with a variety of common data streams generated during the delivery of health care. These include text, images, laboratory results, prescriptions, billing, and scheduling. Clinisys EMR Inc. Solutions have superior system to system compatibility facilitating easy communications and and data aggregation.

Clinisys EMR Solutions are sophisticated and highly functional. National or international deployment can be very cost competitive.