Clinical Intelligence

Clinisys helps clinical end-users such as physicians and healthcare workers optimize their time, make informed decisions, and use data about patients, drugs, ailments and regular procedures. The system not only stores data, but also analyses and presents it to healthcare providers and stakeholders after applying Clinical Intelligence - which operates at three levels, namely, patient-level, practice-level, and system-wide. Novel ways of presenting and analyzing patient data (e.g. blood pressure trends) is a key example of the patient-level reporting. Clinicians can also access practice-level intelligence, such as average patient wait-time and visit trends. At the same time, Clinisys will assist the governing stakeholders in mining and reporting aggregated medical data. Clinisys will help public health authorities make policy, strategic, and tactical decisions based on real-time reporting summaries.

Clinisys EMR offers host of features including:

o Streamlined scheduling process
o Enhanced Patient Record Management
o Efficient billing management
o Based on latest technology architecture
o Extendable to numerous third party software and devices
o Mobile device support
o Secure and scalable systems design
o Cross standards platform compatibility
o Extensive reporting capabilities
o Easy navigation
o User friendly interface